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First of all, I would like to thank M. and A. for giving us this opportunity. It was a great experience!
The Reason this place is undisclosed is by wish of above mentioned person. =)
On the first page you will find the pictures of two of our members, Guy and Jalee. They have been with us since pretty much the beginning of MMSM. Thanks for sharing these great Shots with us Guys (hehehe)
LOCATION: Undisclosed
DATE: 6-29-2002
Time: 10:00 PM
WEATHER: 86 F, Clear Skies, humidity 45%, Dew point: 63F
INVESTIGATORS: Soul Magnet Members Guy and Jalee, Chuck and Dee, Will, Kevin and Heather and guests/hosts, M. and A., the '3', and a friend.
EQUIPMENT USED: HP C100 Photosmart Digital Camera, FujiFilm fine pix 1400Zoom, EMF, Dowsing Rods, Sony DCR-TRV320 Video Camera, several 35 MM, Digital Thermometer.
SPECIAL NOTES: Solar X-Rays: Active, Geo Magnetic Field: Quiet, Moon: Waning

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