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How to use the Solar Reports

An explanation of the two links on the main page. The first is Solar X-Rays and the second is Geomagnetic Fields. When you see "M" Class Flare or "X" Class Flare displayed in the Solar X-Ray field, this means that within 24 to 48 hours, a geomagnetic storm will engulf the earth with charged particles. When the geomagnetic storm hits the earth the second lower display will have a red background and STORM will be displayed. This means that the geomagnetic storms are currently bombarding the earth and now is the ideal time for conducting ghost investigations.
Solar flares are caused by the magnetic field of the sun. Particles can escape from the sun without being stopped by the magnetic field. These particles hit Earth about 5 days later, with a speed of about 1.5 million miles per hour. They then cause auroras or polar lights and cause interference in radio reception. Flares typically last a few minutes and can release energies equivalent to millions of hydrogen bombs. Flares become frequent near sunspot maximum, when smaller flares can occur daily and large flares can occur about once a week.
During a flare the material in the flare may be heated to temperatures of 10 million K; matter at these temperatures emits copious amounts of UV and x-ray, as well as visible light. In addition, flares tend to eject matter, primarily in the form or protons and electrons, into space at velocities that can approach 1000 km/second. The observation of a large flare on the surface of the Sun is usually a signal for increased auroras and related activity several days hence when the ejected burst reaches Earth.
Solar flares are tremendous explosions on the surface of the Sun. In a matter of just a few minutes they heat material to many millions of degrees and release as much energy as a billion megatons of TNT. They occur near sunspots, usually along the dividing line (neutral line) between areas of oppositely directed magnetic fields. Flares release energy in many forms - Electro-magnetic (Gamma rays and X-rays), energetic particles (protons and electrons), and mass flows. Flares are characterized by their brightness in X-rays (x-ray flux). The biggest flares are X-Class flares. M-Class flares have a tenth the energy and C-Class flares have a tenth of the X-ray flux seen in M-Class flares.
Since spirit energies are believed to be made up of both Geo and Electromagnetic, these solar flares, when they occur, deliver a charge of energy in which we believe that spirits of the once living pull these energies and therefore increase in energy and intensity. The Lunar phase is also believed to play a role in energies for spirits, such as new and full moons.

Posted with written permission by SpiritSearchers, information compiled by David from Ghostweb

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