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The opinion of one of our Members

Ghosts can appear in many different forms.

Apparition: Spirit taking on some sort of (Human) form.

Orb: A ball of 'light' energy. Sometimes they appear in other colors than 'white'. The different colors we find might be an ‘energy’ level or possibly the ‘strength’ of the Spirit. I myself would like to point out the ‘Chakras’. Chakras are energy Vortices. The upper Chakras (Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus and Solar Plexus) are the perennial Chakras that ‘go with us’. They hold our memories and past knowledge of each lifetime. They are colored white, purple, blue, green and gold/yellow. Those are the most common colors I have seen when capturing orbs on Camera.
If you would like to learn more about the Chakras CLICK HERE

Ectoplasm: Form of a spirit that can be compared to 'fog' or smoke. Some say that Ecto is the 'stage' right before a spirit turns into an Apparition. A lot of times you can clearly make out ‘Human’ features such as Eyes, Mouth, Nose and Hair, and even other parts of the body.

Poltergeist: A spirit able of making itself known by moving objects and making noises of various levels. It’s has also been mentioned that Poltergeists could be Energies created by young adults/teenagers, due to the Hormonal Changes in their bodies.

In the Webster Dictionary, a Ghost is a Disembodied Soul or the Soul or Spirit of a deceased person, A Spirit appearing after death, an apparition,.
But if you are truly interested in finding out about the Nature of Ghosts and Spirit, you will find there is a LOT more to the two Terms.

To some, a Ghost is a Spirit that was chosen by a ‘greater’ power to remain on earth due to some ‘immature’ development as a Soul. A ghost could also ‘choose’ on it’s own to remain on earth because the ‘deceased’ person feels they have some Task they still have to perform, may it be to protect their homes, their relatives or something they have owned/known as the Living.

I think it’s important to understand that we as Human beings are restricted by our Brain to possibly know what our ‘Spirit’ really is. The Spirit is our essence, not who we are or what we look or act like. If you are truly interested in reading about the connection of Spirit and Human, there are two great books out there by Ph. D. Michael Newton; it is called “Destiny of Souls” and “Journey of the Soul”. I recommend it them to anyone to lend an excellent insight into this Topic.

About Protection:I personally don’t believe it is important to protect yourself before conducting an investigation, but if it makes the individual feel more comfortable they should go ahead and say a short prayer.
When we first started our Venture into the world of Ghosts and the Afterlife, MMSM thought it was a good idea to do a short meditation, surrounding ourselves with ‘white, protective light’, which is not a good idea if you don’t want to become part of the investigation. The white light does not ward off Spirits, but rather attracts them to you because the white light is a form of ‘energy’ created by us (Human), which Spirits can pick up on.
-Dee R.-

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