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To become a Ghost Hunter is very easy. All you need (to start) is most likely found in your home already.

(We at MMSM prefer to use colored Lens covers to distinct the light from the Flashlight from other things showing up in our pictures, plus you don't blind each other in the dark when shining it at someone. You can create a Lens cover by simply 'painting' the lens with a waterproof marker or nail polish. If you don't want to destroy a good flashlight, you can also use either inexpensive see-through book covers or Window colors (TM) which can be removed after an investigation)

35 MM, throw away cams and Digital. With a Digital camera you have the advantage of seeing right away if you have captured anything, where as with a reg. Photo camera you will have to wait until your pictures come back from the store.

Some advanced Equipment we like to use:

Video Cameras
(preferably the newer Digital ones with Night shot capabilities)

Dowsing Rods
(Very easy to make at home) to detect paranormal activity.
You can write me for very easy how to instructions on how to make an inexpensive set of Dowsing Rods in a short amount of time.

(Electric Magnetic Field Detectors) used to measure electric abnormalities within an area, indicating possible paranormal activity close by.

Voice Recorders
(again, digital is better, but a traditional hand held voice recorder works just as well) to capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena-Ghost voices)

Digital or Electronic Thermometers
To detect temperature drops, also an indication of paranormal activity.

Simple, easy to follow rules:

Always make sure it is 'legal' to enter a cemetery or property before you go there. You wouldn't want to be chased out of a place by Police force or protecting Owner force. (It’s always a good idea to bring some sort of ID with you!) Braking and Entering is against the law!!!

Do respect cemeteries and it's inhabitants. Avoid stepping on graves and breaking decorations. Do not drink alcohol while on an Investigation! No smoking either! (If this is starting to sound like a bit harsh to you, maybe you have a problem!! *grin*) Smoke can be mistaken as 'Mist' on film and it is disrespectful to the Cemeteries itself.

Dress according to the weather, even though you shouldn't be outside trying to take pictures of ghosts during a rain or Snowstorm, it is always a good idea to bring along some sort of protection against the elements. Especially those living in Michigan... Don't like the weather? Stay around for five minutes and it will most likely change!!!

Make notes of your investigations, such as Name of place you are going to, close by homes, weather conditions, temperatures and times. If you are attempting to collect EVP you might want to note down when or if there are outside noises such as cars, barking dogs, people talking.

There should always be at least 2 People going on an Investigation out of safety reasons. If someone falls or hurts himself or herself, there will always be another to help. (My personal experience is that it's a good idea to have someone along, just to 'check' back with the other person to see if they just 'heard' or 'saw' or 'felt' the same thing you did.)

Try NOT to use the flashlights when taking a picture. It's always a good idea to ask people to turn off their flashlights when taking a photo so that it won't be mistaken for paranormal activity later Also note, when taking pictures, be aware of your surrounding area, are there houses with light on around, street lights, cars... all of these things might show up as AMAZING paranormal activity, but when further inspected turn out to be a disappointment.

When the weather is colder, do not take a picture while someone breaths right by you. it could show up as a fog on film later, and also be mistaken as paranormal. Always make sure you tell people you are getting ready to take a picture and for them to hold their breath for a second or so.

Be patient. There will be times you won’t have anything to ‘show’ after your investigations. Do not despair! Keep trying!

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