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Whaley Mansion: Flint, location unknown.

A pioneer in the automotive industry, Mr.Whaley and his wife bought a large victorian mansion. Now a local historic site, the house is allegedly haunted. It is said that contractors were remodeling the house when suddenly something or someone threw a plastic tarp over the second floor banister. The tarp levitated for several seconds before finally floating to the ground. It is alleged that if one enters the house, the very strong presence of a female, perhaps Mrs.Whaley, can be felt.


Phillips Mansion: Grand Rapids.

A former family supposedly haunts this mansion. There have been numerous reports of apparitions and orb type lights seen floating throughout.


Bond Street Mansion: Niles

The bond street family cemetery is across the road. A little girl who lived here with her parents in the mansion died of fright in the 1800's after her bedside candle was blown out by a draft in the middle of the night. She is buried in a tomb in the cemetery. It is said that her mother had an underground pathway built under the road to her daughters tomb and she would visit the tomb every night. They say to this day you can see the womans ghost walk across the road and weep at her daughters grave and every night a mysterious light will shine in the upstairs bedroom and then suddenly go out.


Vander Cook Lake Castle: Jackson

A white mist is seen as you approach the castle.


The Old Abbott Mansion:Reading

This old house  located on Abbott road is said to have mysterious things occuring there. Legend says that when the last of the Abbott family was on their death bed they sold the property with one condition, the home had to be torn down and the property used as farm land. Needless to say, it was not. People that have been inside the house report shades that rise and lower themselves, lights turning on and off, and a gruesome face appears in one of the windows. There have also been complaints about the french doors locking from the opposite side, a loud banging on the floor at 3:00 a.m. and mysterious dusty footprints that appear on every other step leading upstairs. The puzzling thing about the footprints is that only a visitor to the house seems to be able to wipe them away. There was even a tenant whose pet dog died in such a gruesome manner that police felt as if a human hand could not have done such damage. Cats seem to remain unharmed. You will never see birds or other wild animals near the house though. The young son of a tenant once left his t-shirt lying on the floor and a mysterious light started glowing around it Shortly thereafter, the child was accidentally shot and killed.

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