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The Pickle Barrel Restaurant:  Willis

Has various ghostly activity.


Home Sweet Home: Novi

A couple from the early 1800's is said to haunt this place that was once their home. There is a 12 foot oak banister right in the doorway where the man is said to appear. Also strange noises in the bathroom and dining room areas. Nobody will dare to venture into the attic where lights and other sightings have been witnessed. The building is located at 9 mile and Novi road, yet it can't seem to stay open for business.


Fox and Hounds Restaurant:Bloomfield Hills

It is one of the most expensive restaurants in the state. Every night around 11:30 p.m. the cooks notice all the pots and pans fall out of the shelves. They noticed this about 12 times then started keeping them on the ground. The next morning they are back up on the shelves.


The Whitney: Detroit

Originally the home of David Whitney, now a very swank restaurant. REports of table settings movng, doors opening and closing, elevator being operated when there is no one there, cold spots and sightings of a male spirit.


Johnson Controls: Plymouth

This corporate office is haunted by the spirit of a woman who was brutally murdered by her husband in the purchasing dept. Officer Dolinski who is a security officer has spotted her ghost on numerous occasions.


Coca-Cola Plant: Detroit

A supervisor was shot by a disgruntled employee in the 50's. He is sometimes seen yelling at worker and keeping the line running when the supervisors are gone.


General Motors Plant: Detroit

A ghost of a black man saved a mans life by pushing him out of harms way. The ghost reportedly resembles a black man who was killed in a similar accident years before.


Michigan Bell Telephone Company: Grand Rapids

This modern technical center is haunted by the ghosts of Warren and Virginia Randall, whose house once stood on the property. The young couple moved into the house in 1907. They seemed happy until Warren lost a leg in an accident at work on the Grand Rapids Indiana Railroad. Fitted with an artificial leg, he became depressed and insanely jealous of Virginia. During one of their many arguments, Warren took off his leg and beat his wife to death. Then he opened the gas jets and slashed his throat. It was two weeks before police found their horribly decomposed bodies. The house quickly gained a reputation for being haunted, and nobody would live in it because of the couples ghosts. It was finally torn down in the 1920's, when the telephone company built a brick office on the site. The Randalls ghosts have been blamed for strange phone calls made late at night to Michigan Bell customers, as well as numerous unexplainable events in the building. Grand Rapids is in west-central Michigan, at the junction of I-94 and I-96, Take highway 96 to highway 131 south and exit east on Pearl Street. The Michigan Telephone Company is on the corner of Division and Fountain streets, Grand Rapids MI 49501 Phone : 616-530-3500

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